Monday, May 11, 2015 Lobo’s River View

The rich tradition of Cascia Tile Industry and scenic beauty of Mangalore riverside makes Lobo’s River View a unique Tourist Destination at Mangalore. Located at the heart of Mangalore without the hectic and Chaotic City life, River View provides a whole new world suitable to relax and recreate.
Classmates Gatherings, Birthday parties, Marriage Parties, Lunch and Dinner Get-togethers, Celebrations on Promotions & Achievements etc. are regular events at Lobo’s River View.Just a Kilometer from Morgans’ Gate Bus Stop with drive in facility up-till the riverside relaxation gardens, this is a haven for tourists, friends and families for private parties and get-togethers. The atmosphere is conducive for River View Parties, Social Functions and celebrations. LRV is a new world away from the concrete jungles in the city.
Close access to Netravathi River makes Lobo’s River View a rare place for House Boats, Boat Festivals and also River View Conferences.

23 Kilometer Boat Ride on one side for cool parties and the Arabian Sea leading to Panambur Beach Development Project at the right side heading to New Mangalore Port, Goa Port and Mumbai Port.
River View works in close Co-ordination with Hotels and other hospitality service providers to offer unique packages to the growing demands of Tourism Industry in Mangalore.
LRV provides a complete Relaxation and rest at ease facility for Business tourists to spend weekends or off times along with provision for restaurant on demand and facilities as required to fit to the requirements of the clients.
Differential pricing provision helps to organize Business Class programs and also Social Gatherings like food festivals, shooting festivals, fund raiser for social causes, Camps and Open Class Rooms
Special Packages and Plans are prepared and offered custom made to suit the requirements of various classes of people and organizations. Star facility to Cheap and best options are offered on call.
And there is a Special Packages for Club meetings, Alumni Get-togethers, Classmates Gatherings along with Transportation facilities etc. are about to be launched soon.
It is an Ideal place for all your Parties, Business Conferences, Picnics, and Weddings etc.

Friday, March 8, 2013 Kottari Associates-DESIGN That DEFINES..

Kottari Associates just does that. Established around 6 years back, Kottari Associates has artistically and successfully completed many projects in Bangalore, Mangalore. Lead by a qualified and experienced Santhosh Kottari, this team of skilled and unskilled professional has completed several projects in the year 2010 alone. 

Time is money. Never waste either of them be it client or self. No one has the right to unduly waste another person’s time or money. “Give the best out of you.” It always strives to achieve what the customers would have desired. Hence service is the utmost priority. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013 Chetanas Ladies Beauty Parlour Yeyyadi Mangalore

It is well said that the first impression is the best impression. Especially in our public life it is outward appearance that plays the significant role. Public expects role models to follow. The best grooming re- inforces, our self esteem enhances our confidence and brings out best hidden talents in us. At Chetanas Beauty studio, you are privileged with specialized beautician in personal grooming for women. She is internationally certified Make-up artist having expertise in advanced techniques of make-up.

She is trained under one of the best make-up artists, in the world. Mr.Domini Cruz, from San Francisco education director for Kryolan & key make-up artist for miss universe Pageant 2 and Mr.Jos Brand from Belgium, the creative director of Kryolan Interna whose knowledge and deep insight shaped her talent to offer her service in the make-up. She is well versed in a comprehensive range of service, which include the ultimate in soothing therapies, facials, total body treatment aromatherapy, henna application , Mehendhi designing, nail art, creative bindi, skin care, hairstyle, hair care, hair design, hair colour and personal grooming techniques.